Most Popular Outdoor Recreational Activities

All work and no play makes you dull – or so the saying goes. And there’s more truth to it than not. If you are so caught up in your work and you don’t give time to do other things to balance your life, you will simply tire and are likely to get burnout. Recreation is beneficial not only physically but also for your psychological well being. Recreation is a form of relaxation, it reduces stress, has social benefits and impacts your health.

If you are a newbie and the outdoorsy type who thrive on physical activity but can’t decide what kind of recreation to engage into, here are some of the most popular outdoor recreational activities to choose from.


Do you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of the underwater world but are impatient with complicated equipment and tanks, then snorkelling is for you. It simpler than scuba diving, but cheaper as well and you are not required to have a license and or permit to do so.


Windsurfing takes some patience and perseverance to become proficient. Balance and core stability must be developed. You need to acquire a basic understanding of sailing theory and a few technique won’t hurt. But this is an engaging combination of sailing and surfing that would be worth your time and energy.


Triathlon does not require a particular high level of skills since the only skill you need is the ability to run, ride a bike and swim. However, the training for such an event can be gruelling and much energy and endurance is crucial.


Wakeboarding is relatively safe, popular, and will definitely keep you fit if done consistently. You won’t need waves to keep going, a boat dragging you along and a good balance are all that is needed for you to enjoy this activity.

Adventure Racing

If you have the stamina and the hunger for extreme activities go for adventure racing. The ‘adventure’ can consist of swimming, running, climbing, kayaking, etc. There usually is no time limit and some races can even last days. This is an exciting recreational activity because you just never know what you will get with adventure racing.


This is obviously an activity that poses more danger than most but lots of people find it to be a great outdoor activity. It appeals to many first time partakers. But proper preparation is important. Start out in an indoor climbing facility and build up your physique and skills before venturing out on a real outdoor climb.


Alpine or also known as downhill skiing, began as a club sport in 1861 at Kiandra in Australia. Today, there are dozens of ski resorts to practice and enjoy alpine skiing with.  


Snowboarding is an American born sport developed in the 1960’s that is getting worldwide attention. This is however an extreme sport that is why for newbies, extreme caution and proper coaching is important to avoid the risk of injury.

Saltwater Fishing

If you have an access to a boat whether you own one, know someone who does, or rent and own special fishing gear that can handle large catches, saltwater fishing is not only relaxing but it will give you a chance to catch large and exotic fishes.

Bird watching

Bird watching is a great, safe and relaxing way to enjoy nature. There are about 10,000 species of birds and because there are only a handful of people who can claim to have seen over 7000 of them, bird watching has become a popular recreation activity.